How it works

Direct from Agencies

We take anonymised live data from over 4 million projects from over 800 agencies across the globe, from the big behemoths to the bijou boutiques

The ‘Big’ Data

This huge amount of data is then categorised, processed and analysed using our proprietary software.

The Engine

A thorough and robust analysis using intelligent algorithms and data modelling ensures that the estimates produced are as reliable and as accurate as possible.

Clever Predictions

A smart, thoroughly-tested, easy-to-use interface creates instant, precise estimates for your scopes of work. Estimates which you can trim to suit your business and budgeting needs

We want to revolutionise how scope of work estimates are put together.

Big data
Use live data from over 4 million jobs from more than 800 agencies as a baseline for your scope estimate.

Smart search
Clever algorithms search industry data to give you the cost, effort and resource required for each type and size of deliverable you enter into Scope™. You can then tailor it to get the estimate just right. Fast!

One simple tool
Collaborate on, manage, and approve estimates all within Scope™. It’s efficient and trackable. No more Excel and email.
Link it to your management system to make the entire process seamless.

The bottom line
Scope forecasts effort accurately so you can get the fee right.
Compare and contrast how you fit with the industry standard and attach the ScopeMark to make your estimates defendable.

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To learn more about the creators of Scope, visit The Virtù Group.

Meet the ScopeMark

To make it as easy as possible for you to show that your scope of work estimates have been calculated using Scope, we recommend adding the ScopeMark to all Scoped estimates.  

That way its immediately apparent to your clients that you have the rigor and they, the necessary confidence to reply on your estimates for work. 
ScopeMark means you are using
the biggest industry database that exists,
your costs are based on fact, not best
guess or whim.

Choose a plan that is right for your agency

We offer a range of subscription levels to suit agencies both big and small, local and worldwide. There is one that is right for you.
Per Month
billed annually, or £1,249 billed monthly. Minimum 12 month term.
Full system integration with access and control. Ideal for larger agencies.
All PRO features
Up to 50 Users
10 admins
Scope library
Custom deliverables
Custom components
Basic dashboards
1x custom output excel/word
Standard system integration options
Enterprise +
Per Month
billed annually, or £1,875 billed monthly. Mininum 12 month term.
Ultimate control & flexibility that scales. Perfect for industry leaders.
All ENTERPRISE features
Up to 75 Users
20 admins
10 groups
System integration to systems of choice (plus fees)
Custom deliverables creation
Custom components creation
Risk calculator
Advanced dashboards
Real-time edit of profit and margins
£19/month each additional user
£29/month each additional admin
£1,000/month each additional group

Not sure?
Estimate your ROI

Estimate your ROI

Select the number of employees in your agency?

Enter how many of those are fee-earning?

How many hours of theirs are billable per day, e.g. 6

Enter your blended rate in GBP.

This is the number of billable hours across your team

Did you know that the industry average across different types of business is 21%?

Imagine the impact of these billable hours on your bottom line

Calculate Savings

Choose the Scope Plan that best suits your needs

Scope pays for itself on Day 1. Get started here

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Where does your data come from?

We purchase anonymised data under licence from a huge range of agencies from the biggest beasts to the tiniest boutiques, combining it together to give you the most reliable industry information ever produced.

What client details do you hold?

None. All data we purchase is anonymised. We ourselves have no idea who the agency is, nor the names of any of its clients. The only thing we know is the country it comes from.

What will you do with our data?

We anonymise your data and add it to our existing data set to tailor our predictions more accurately to your business, and also improve the accuracy of our predictions to keep up with evolving market trends. 

Do you sell data?

No. We provide products based on the anonymized data we hold. We don’t sell data to anyone else.

Do you buy data?

Yes. If you have relevant data you would like to cash in on then please get in touch. We only purchase anonymised data and your terms of data collection from your clients must explicitly allow anonymised sharing with third parties.

How regularly do you update your data?

Data is typically updated on a monthly rolling basis. New data is combined with the existing in order to make it even more accurate.

Can I identify a particular client, job or agency from the data?

No. We ourselves don’t know.

Are additional custom measures available?

Get in touch with what you need and if it’s possible, we’ll do it.

Do you offer Scopes for specific industries?

Unfortunately not as we purchase all data anonymised.

How accurate is Scope?

We’ve really put the Scope engine through its paces and it’s at least 5% more accurate than the best human prediction.

What do the traffic lights mean?

The traffic lights let you know how confident you can be in a prediction. If green, the result is robust. If amber, it’s robust, but review it just to be sure. If red, the prediction is not robust, usually because there isn’t enough data to have complete confidence in it. But the more data we have, the fewer red lights!

Can I add Scope to other systems?

Absolutely. Our open API is designed to make this as simple as possible. Take a look at this 2 minute movie for details. Connecting to Traffic LIVE .

More questions? See our knowledgebase for more information.

How to contact us

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